Get Course Savvy


Get Course Savvy

The chareidi woman’s guide to online courses


Are you new in Israel? Or been here a while and looking for something new? 

 Online courses are a great option to up your skills in a few months, but look around and you’ll see – the choices are dizzying. 

 So whether you’re just a tad bored, or looking for  a better way to make parnassa , here we’ve rounded up four of the most popular courses you could take – all geared to the chareidi woman!



It’s become a legend. In her 6th year and still going strong, Michal Eisikowitz begins CopyTribe once a year. With a mix of outstanding live classes, some fun master classes, and critiqued homework, it’s a course for the hardworking writer who wants real quality. It’s not cheap – but it’s a super comprehensive  way to spring you into your copywriting career (and make some copy friends!). Another plus: Lifetime access to ALL the course content. Check it out here.



This online school offers a huge range of shorter and longer courses, from illustrating to WordPress. Each one includes recorded classes, weekly critiqued homework, and email support. Less into tech? They also offer photography, hairstyling and beauty courses, which are loads of fun to take and a great way to make new friends! New in Israel? You could get your training for free! Follow this link for further details.



This design school runs a full gamut of courses, such as graphics, web design, interior design, and AI – all with great reviews. You can opt for live classes, with on the spot feedback and accountability, or self paced courses, with flexible start and end times. Another option is a cohort, where you can watch the classes whenever you like whilst being a part of the course community. On completion, you get full access to the Design Alive job board and a member’s forum, where you can ask questions or just chat! Explore more.


The BoldEdge

This online school offers many in-depth courses, (similar to DesignAlive), including graphic design, web design and marketing, video and animation and digital illustration. They also offer some shorter courses which are mainly geared toward business owners, such as Canva Design and Instagram.  Most are video based, but according to reviews they are incredibly clear, interesting and informative. Plus Malkie Scholnick (the founder) gives excellent support throughout the course – and after! Bonus: They have a USB option for some courses, so you can study offline. Discover The Bold Edge.

PSDesign School

THis school focuses exclusively on all things design -based! From digital illustration by renowned artist Chani Judowitz, to in-depth graphic design, if you’re tech-savvy and artistic – this school is for you! Each course comes with a live or recorded option, plus one-to-one mentoring. AND you come out of each design course with a beautiful, ready-to-share portfolio, so you’re already one step into the working world! Browse through PSDesign School


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