Hi there!
Before you start, read the instructions below:

When applying, bring with you:

  1. Your Visa Application form
  2. Visa photos for all applicants (like a passport photo, but a little different)
  3. Passports of all applicants – Valid for at least 6 months with two empty pages for visa stickers
  4. Expired passports (with previous visas inside, if applicable)
  5. Original foreign marriage certificate or Ishur Nesuin
  6. Original birth certificates of all applicants
  7. Proof of birth dates of applicants’ parents
    1. i.e. copies of parents’ passports
    2. Necessary only If they aren’t already indicated on the applicants’ birth certificates
  8. Original letter from school or yeshiva
    1. It should be no more than three months old and typed on official stationery with a logo & Mispar Amutah (organization ID number).
    2. It should include:
      • that the applicant is Jewish from birth (If the applicant is a ger, present an official geirus certificate.)
      • what hours & days he studies there
      • how long he intends to study there (To obtain a visa for the maximum time allowance, accurately state your intention to learn there for five years.)
      •  hHis/her name,
      • Passport number & and birthday
      • Both of his parents’ birthdays.

Filling out your form

  1. Fill in the blank boxes (check whether each answer should be in English or Ivrit)
  2. Click the Print icon to print your form