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How does it work?

  1. Choose a Plan. Select the plan that is best for you, depending on how much mail you expect to receive.
  2. Checkout. At checkout, provide your contact information plus credit card or PayPal account.
  3. File Form 1583. You will submit two forms of ID. In addition you may need to to upload a one-page USPS Form 1583 that authorizes your digital mailbox location to receive mail on your behalf.
  4. Redirect Your Mail. To receive mail at your new address, file your Change of Address with the Mail service and/or notify senders directly.

What is a Digital Mailbox? 

A digital mailbox enables mail recipients to receive postal mail and packages at the remote mailing address of their choice and then view and manage their mail with a smartphone or from a computer. A digital mailbox may be for personal or business use. Click to Read More

What can I do with a digital mailbox?

  • Forward Mail & Packages to Any Address

    You can forward mail and packages to any address, on demand. See real-time shipping prices. Choose the carrier and level of service that best meets your needs. Save up to 80% on international shipping from the U.S. with locations listed on our Discounted International Forwarding Locations page.

  • Request a Scan of Mail Content

    View a PDF of mail content in just a few hours. Store scanned mail in the cloud with iPostal1 or download to your device. Get unlimited free cloud storage for scans and voice messages.

  • Recycle and Shred Unwanted Mail

    Discard unwanted mail. Eliminate mail clutter with just a click.

  • Deposit a Check by Mail

    If your bank accepts deposits by mail, we can do it for you, no matter where you are.

  • Add Phone & Fax to Your Digital Mailbox

    For a complete Virtual Office presence, add toll-free or local phone and fax. Forward calls to any number, get digitized voice mail messages in your Digital Mail inbox

  • Schedule a Pickup

    If you live or work near your mail center, you can schedule a pickup during business hours.

  • Shop Online
    Ship your packages from any website to any of our 2,750 locations. No more worries about porch pirates stealing your package while you are away from home.

How does a digital Mailbox work?

A digital mailbox works by allowing users to redirect their mail to a physical address managed by a digital mailbox provider. iPostal1 scans the outside of the mail and packages received and gives users access to view and manage their mail through a website or app.